Click-N-Type 3.03.412

A keyboard utility for those with typing disabilities

Click-N-Type is an on-screen virtual keyboard designed for anyone with a disability that prevents him or her from typing on a physical computer keyboard. As long as the physically challenged person can control a mouse, trackball, touch screen or other pointing device, this software keyboard allows you to send keystrokes to virtually any Windows application or DOS application that can run within a window.

The Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard is a 32 bit application that requires Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP or later. There are other onscreen virtual keyboards around but you'll find Click-N-Type the easiest to use for getting text into those uncooperative places like browser URL "Address:" fields, Email "To:" addresses, Email "Subject:" fields, dialog boxes like "Open" and "Save As...", and many other problematic applications.

You'll see they all work fine while typing into Notepad or WordPad, but when you attempt to do some real work, with all but the expensive ones, you'll get really annoyed really fast. The Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard was designed with ease of use foremost in mind.

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Click-N-Type 3.03.412

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  • RandD

    by RandD

    "Broken keyboard"

    You know what its like trying to do studies at night and having to submit papers in the morning ... well accidents ha...   More.